Day 2 & Day 8 Quarantine Pack


Day 2 & Day 8 Quarantine Pack

The day 2 and 8 tests in Leicester are required by the UK Government if you are arriving in the UK from overseas. It is mandatory for everyone arriving in the UK (unless you are specifically exempt) to take a Covid-19 PCR test on or before Day 2 of your self-isolation period and then another test on or after Day 8.

Below are travel requirements issued by the UK government to be adhered to by anyone travelling outside the country.

Red List 

Avoid travelling to countries on the red list. If you are already in the red-listed territory or country and wish to return to the UK, you will be required to isolate for ten days upon your arrival. It’s crucial that you take a COVID-19 test and book your quarantine hotel package before traveling. When you get back, you will isolate yourself in the booked hotel. It’s a must that you also book two COVID-19 tests. The tests will be taken on day 2 and day 8 while you are in isolation. You also need to complete a passenger locator form.


Day 2 and Day 8 tests


Amber List

Just like the red-listed countries, it’s not advisable to travel to countries on the amber list. You must take a COVID-19 test and complete the passenger locator form upon arrival from these countries. You will need to isolate yourself for 10 days in case you aren’t fully vaccinated yet. Additionally, you will be required to take the day 2 and day 8 tests. You can only stop the isolation on day 5 by taking the Test to Release test. You don’t need to isolate if you are fully vaccinated, just take the day 2 test, and you are good to go.

Green List

The green list contains countries that you can travel to without many restrictions. You only need to take a PCR test before returning to the UK and also book a day 2 test.

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