Test To Release


Test To Release

Fusion Pharmacy is proud to be listed on the Government’s approved list of providers for Test to Release COVID-19 Services in Leicester. Reduce your isolation period when entering the UK with this UK Government-authorised COVID-19 test to release.

How does a Covid PCR Test work with Fusion Pharmacy?

You will be sent your self-swab collection kit via post on day 5 of your quarantine. Following the simple instructions accompanying your swab kit, you will collect a nose and throat swab sample and post it to our lab using the prepaid packaging. You will be notified within 24hours of your sample arriving at our lab of your result. If your result is negative, you will be able to exit quarantine.


Government approved test to release


When should I book my  Test to Release test in Leicester?

You should book your test prior to flying to the UK.

When you complete your locator form prior to arrival in the UK, you will need to add your test booking reference, which will be supplied to you when you book your test.

When will I get my test?

You will receive your test via post on day 5 of your quarantine. Can I get my test delivered sooner? No – the UK Gov Test and Release regulations state that we cannot deliver your test to you prior to day 5 of your quarantine.

How do I take my sample?

You will collect your sample at home following the simple instructions which accompany the sample collection kit.

What if I require tests for multiple people?

Simply book a test for the first member of your party. Then repeat the process for another test. Repeat for any other members of your party. Each member of your party will need their own booking reference.

What information do I need to give when booking a test?

For you to be able to book a Test to Release in Leicester, you will need to supply the following info:

  • – Full name
    – Sex
    – Date of birth
    – Ethnicity
    – Home address
    – Email address
    – Telephone number
    – Date of arrival into UK
    – Coach number/flight number/vessel name
    – Country travelling from
    – Passport number


  • What information will be on my test results or doctor’s letter?
  • You will receive a text and/or email. The results will state whether your test was negative, positive, or inconclusive.

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