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Having your medication delivered is easy. Just follow our three easy steps to start receiving everything you need, straight to your door.

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1. Order your medicine

Sign up on this website or download our app, then place your order.
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2. Your GP approves

After checking your order, your GP sends us an electronic prescription.
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3. Receive your medicine

We post your medicine from our registered pharmacy, for free.
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Private Clinic and Pharmacy

Fusion Pharmacy in Leicester - Your Online Pharmacy
//About Us

We're an online pharmacy and private clinic

Fusion Pharmacy is proud to provide NHS services right to your doorstep. We are a well established GPhC regulated pharmacy body that deliver online and remote pharmacist led consultations as well as medication reviews. Therefore, wherever you are in England we can help you.

We've also launched our Private Clinic! Be sure to check out what we can treat without the need to go to your Doctor!



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Private Clinic

Just launched! We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched our private clinic which means you’re able to access prescription-only medicines quicker. We’re in ...

Travel Clinic

Are you about to head off on your gap year of travel? Are you getting ready for your spiritual journey to Mecca for ...

Electronic Prescription Service

Get your prescriptions delivered directly to your door when you use the NHS's Electronic Prescription Service and nominate Fusion Pharmacy.

//Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions that we get asked

  • Does it really matter what time of day I take my medication?

    Yes, you should always take your medication at the time recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. Buy Cialis Online Pharmacy

  • Can I speak to a real life pharmacist?

    Certainly! We have a great team of pharmacists that are here to help you get the healthcare and advice that you need. Contact us!

  • How long does it take to receive my medication?

    The delivery of NHS prescriptions are free of charge. Your medications will be delivered by Royal Mail to your preferred UK address. Most of the medicine will be delivered in a letterbox friendly package, with a 48 hours delivery with online tracking. Read more here.

//Latest News

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By Fusion Pharmacy 25th May 2022

  Erectile dysfunction (impotence) has become increasingly prevalent recently, particularly among males over the age of 40. It typically shouldn’t be a cause for concern, but if it occurs frequently you should consult your pharmacist or doctor. It could indicate a more serious condition. That’s why it’s important to find out erectile dysfunction treatment and

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If you’re travelling to an area where yellow fever is prevalent, there is an effective vaccine that can prevent you from contracting the sickness. The jab is injected into the upper arm. However, even if you’ve been vaccinated, it is critical to avoid insect bites because mosquitoes can also transmit other dangerous diseases. Continue reading

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What Antimalarials Should I take Before Jetting Off?

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Malaria is a parasitic disease spread by infectious mosquitos that are commonly found in tropical or subtropical regions. Normally, these mosquitoes have parasites. Malaria is a potentially fatal disease if not treated on time. Keep reading to find out what drugs you can take to treat Malaria. Fortunately, taking malaria pills will protect you from


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